Quality at 312 College Ave

As the pioneer of superior student living in Collegetown, 312 College Avenue rests in the epicenter of vibrant student life while still possessing the area's most coveted views of downtown Ithaca, Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Collegetown's ever-changing eclectic landscape.

Innovative design and an astute eye for detail were the basis for every decision made during 312 College Avenue's cutting-edge construction. Not only did has 312 College Avenue redefined the student housing segment in Ithaca's Collegetown neighborhood, it still remains the area's standard-bearer in terms of excellence and high-quality construction due to many of the revolutionary design elements that have enabled the building to remain unsurpassed.

Energy efficient appliances, stylish fixtures, and contemporary finishes were all carefully selected for durability and versatility. All apartments are equipped with five-cycle dishwashers with a 'heat dry' feature, sleek under cabinet mounted microwaves, productive four burner stove/oven units with range vents to minimize cooking odors and smoke, and refrigerators. 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments also come equipped with an in-sink food disposal. All apartments are discerningly furnished to complement a variety of styles and preferences.

Knowing how crucial a quiet environment is for our student residents, 312 College Avenue provides the highest level noise suppression between and within apartments. Floor and ceiling structures were made of pre-cast concrete, with wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the living room and bedroom areas to provide additional comfort, quiet, and style.

The walls were thoughtfully assembled with more substantial and additional layers of fire code gypsum board, sound insulation, and resilient channel sound furring than that of those found in most apartment buildings; making them far less penetrable to noise. Additional measures were taken by staggering each room's electrical outlets to even further reduce thru-wall sound infiltration. The result: a market-leading level of silence.

Building entries, gated garage, and hallways are video surveilled for enhanced security. Entry points require assigned cards to be presented within proximity of our reader devices in order to unlock them. Residents may also allow guests in from the comfort and convenience of their apartment using their guest announcement system.