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Studio Sublet Available

304 No A beautiful and quiet space with a kitchenette, bathroom as well as other furniture (desk, table etc) and a GORGEOUS view. The room includes Wifi, heating and water/electricity bills covered! The building itself has card access, a gym, a study lounge, a library, a laundry room and a mail room!! It is located on the third floor so you avoid traffic of people coming in and out of the building, and the laundry room is right next to it! Will be leasing starting from the end of may, the price is very negotiable. I am currently renting it for $1,715 but NOW I AM OFFERING IT FOR $900!! Again, negotiable! Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Contact, or call 3477494570 for more information
Date Posted : 2018-04-06 13:05:13

Studio Sublet Available

105 No Subletting an amazing studio on the first floor for Summer 2018 (May 30 to July 30). The location is really convenient, just a few steps away from the mail room and leasing office, and the unit is very quiet. The room is very spacious with your own kitchen and bathroom. Building features amenities include the study room, gym, movie theatre, laundry, lounge, etc. Packages will be delivered directly to room! Room includes all basic furniture and Wifi. Original rent is $1,610/month. NOW ONLY $800/MONTH!!! Price is negotiable. Please contact me if you are interested for more details and pictures. If you have any questions, you can reach me at (607) 280-5826 or Thank you!!!

Contact, or call 6072805826 for more information
Date Posted : 2018-04-02 13:55:02

Studio Sublet Available

Apt 521 No Hi! Subletting my studio for this summer (May 31, 2018- August 15, 2018). Studio has an AC unit and is very quiet (a corner apartment at the end of the hallway). High ceilings, lots of sunlight and fully furnished. The building has security card access, as well as laundry, gym facility, and a study lounge. Price is very negotiable and will include all amenities and utilities (wifi, heat, electricity). Please send an email or text me if you have any questions or are interested!

Contact, or call 6464680701 for more information
Date Posted : 2018-03-29 15:08:33

Studio Sublet Available

112 No Studio Sublet for Summer 2018! Available from June 1, 2018- August 15, 2018 Furnished with pretty view of the city. Contact : 607 280 7600 Email:

Contact, or call 6072807600 for more information
Date Posted : 2018-03-24 21:28:38

Studio Sublet Available

521 No [Available for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019] A studio with large windows, a kitchen and a bathroom on the 5th floor. Heat/water/amenities included in the rent. The building has a laundry room, a study lounge and a gym. Price is negotiable! Please contact me at any time!

Contact, or call 9176913963 for more information
Date Posted : 2018-03-17 16:47:29

Studio Sublet Available
Summer '18

621 Yes Hi! I'm subletting my 6th floor studio apartment for the summer semester. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or a request for pictures. It has a great view and a lot of privacy. The apartment also has access to the building gym, laundry room, and study rooms.

Contact, or call 6097513681 for more information
Date Posted : 2017-11-28 18:01:14

Studio Sublet Available
Summer 2018

205 Yes Subletting a fully furnished studio for Summer 2018. The apartment includes wifi, laundry, study lounge, gym, etc. I also have a parking space available, which is right by the elevator. Price is negotiable. Please contact me for additional info!

Contact, or call 5166552492 for more information
Date Posted : 2017-10-28 19:38:15

Studio Sublet Available

321 No Hello! Subletting a beautiful studio for Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 (can be either one or both). PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE. (Wifi and basic furnishings included // Room layout is very useful with a spacious bathroom and kitchen // Only has one neighbor, who is very kind and quiet - no noise problems // Building features include amenities such as a study room, gym, lounge, movie theater and laundry facilities) Please contact me at for more inquiries! :)

Contact, or call 6078823901 for more information
Date Posted : 2017-10-11 16:11:19

Studio Sublet Available

PARKING SPOT Yes Hi! Looking to sublet a PARKING SPACE for the SPRING 2018 semester. Has an extra buffer to allow for additional space. Good location right by the elevator. Covered garage. Pls contact via email or at (516)655-3594. Thanks!

Contact, or call 516-655-3594 for more information
Date Posted : 2017-09-22 17:47:29

Studio Sublet Available

609 Hi everyone! Posting this on behalf of a friend who is looking for parking sublet in 312 College Ave for at least the fall semester. She is willing to pay all monthly costs up front. Please let me know if anyone has a spot availablet. Feel free to message/email me at with any questions. Thanks!

Contact, or call 5617164883 for more information
Date Posted : 2017-08-11 16:28:32

Studio Sublet Available

104 No Sublet available for this Summer. It faces the South, has a beautiful view and a great lighting throughout the day. Price is $2500 for 5/24 - 7/31, but price is negotiable! Please contact 401-332-8532 or email if you wish to visit the room!

Contact, or call 4013328532 for more information
Date Posted : 2017-02-21 01:27:08

Studio Sublet Available

504 No Studio with a view available from 30th/31st May through 31st July (noon) at $1250/month utilities included (original price of $1700/month).

Contact, or call 6462264642 for more information
Date Posted : 2017-02-13 11:37:49